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The Detachment of Maryland VA&R Commission continues to support the programs that benefit our active duty military and our veterans. These programs include Fisher House, Heroes to Hometown, Veterans Suicide Prevention, Bowling Veterans League, National Education for Assistance Dog Service (NEADS), Homeless Veteran initiatives, the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival and many more. The Detachment also supports all of the VA centers in Maryland: Perry Point VA Medical Center, Baltimore VA Medical Center, Loch Raven VA Community Living Center, MCVET, and Charlotte Hall Nursing Home. The Detachment of Maryland has Representatives, Deputy Representatives and/or Liaisons for all of Maryland's VA facilities.

The Detachment of Maryland has also now added a Veterans Employment & Education Committee that falls under VA&R.

For administrative year 2015-2016, the Detachment of Maryland volunteered 43,966 hours to these VA Medical Centers,  Veterans Homes and other VA&R programs while making donations totaling $275,148.

Perrypoint VAMC:    The Perry Point Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) is a leader in providing comprehensive mental health care to veterans in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. The Medical Center, part of the VA Capitol Health Care Network (VISN 5), offers long and short-term inpatient mental health care, including an inpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program that is unique in the Mid-Atlantic region. A new inpatient mental health care facility offers specialized treatment programs, rehabilitation services and enhanced patient privacy for veterans in a comfortable, state-of-the-art setting. Perry Point VAMC also offers a full range of inpatient medical, intermediate and long-term care programs, including a nursing home, a chronic ventilator care unit, a specialized unit for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and a hospice care section. The Detachment's Representative for Perrypoint is Past Detachment Commander Tom Deal.  For more information on Perrypoint VAMC visit their web page at:

Baltimore VAMC:  As one of the most modern health care facilities in the country, the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) offers veterans state-of-the-art medical technology, clinical services and research programs. The Medical Center, part of the VA Capitol Health Care Network (VISN 5), is home to the world’s first film less radiology department, which allows health care providers to have nearly instant access to patient radiology images from anywhere in the facility and throughout the health care system. The Baltimore VAMC is the acute medical and surgical care facility for the VA Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS) and offers a full range of inpatient, outpatient and primary care services. Reginald Frazier serves as our Detachment's Representative to Baltimore VAMC and Past National Commander Bill Matoska serves as Deputy Representative. For more information on Baltimore VAMC visit their web page at:

LRVACLC:  The Loch Raven VA Community Living Center [formerly BRECC] specializes in providing geropsychiatry, rehabilitation and post-acute care for patients in the VA Maryland Health Care System. The Center, part of the VA Capitol Health Care Network (VISN 5), coordinates the delivery of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiotherapy and recreation therapy, to achieve the highest level of recovery and independence for Maryland’s veterans. LRVACLC also provides hospice and nursing home care to veterans requiring non-acute inpatient care, in addition to offering specialized treatment for patients with dementia. The Detachment of Maryland's Liaison for the LRVACLC is Bob Filippi For more information on LRVACLC visit their web page at:

MCVET:The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET) is serving more than 250 veterans daily, through five distinct programs -- a Day Drop-In Program, a Emergency Program (13 weeks), a Transitional Housing Program (up to two years), a Follow-up Program, and 80 Single Room Occupancy apartments (SRO). A natural progression will be to go from the Day Drop-in Program, to the Emergency Program, to the Transitional Housing Program, to the SRO. Veteran applicants from outside MCVET’s program, including female veterans, are also accepted into the SRO program, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. As the veterans enrolled at MCVET travel through this continuum, they receive an array of services, that support our primary goal of empowering them to return to the families and communities. In 2015-2016, under Detachment Commander Jeffrey Seiler, the Detachment of Maryland purchased 2 vans for MCVET to assist with their transportation issues. Past National Commander Bill Matoska also serves on their Board of Directors. For more information on MCVET, visit their web page at:

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home: Charlotte Hall Veterans Home provides an Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing long-term care facility for Maryland Veterans and eligible spouses who are unable to take care of themselves due to age or disability. The Home will provide the support and services required for shelter, sustenance, medical care, and social services necessary to maintain the resident's medical condition and quality of life. Charlotte Hall Veterans Home will endeavor to improve the resident's medical condition with a view to restoring independence and returning them to the community. 2011-2012 Detachment Commander Buddy Mastin's Project to purchase a bus for Charlotte Hall was a huge success. Charlotte Hall now has a new handicapped accessible bus compliments of the American Legion Family. Dave Tatman is serving as our Liaison to Charlotte Hall. For more information on Charlotte Hall visit their web page at:

Veterans Employment and Education Committee: The Mission Statement of the VE&E Committee is "To assist The American Legion in ensuring that America's Veterans have the opportunity to provide, with honor and dignity, the economic necessities of life for themselves and their families." Chairman of the VE&E Committee is PDC Larry "Bear" Weinzirl who is also serving as Chairman of the National VE&E Commission. This Committee gets information out on "Hiring Our Heroes" job fairs, benefits available to our Veterans as well as info to assist in ending Veterans Homelessness. To assist with the latter, the Committee is utilizing First Responders to get Homeless Veterans the contact number of the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans (877) 4AID-VET to help them get out of their situation. The Detachment is requesting that all Squadrons print out and make copies of the First Responders brochure (attached below) and request that their local Police, EMT and Fire Departments place this brochure in each of their vehicles. Also attached at the bottom of this page is the package entitled "Ending Veterans Homelessness - How You Can Help". Please check it out and consider helping us to do just that. More information from the National Veterans Employment and Education Commission can be found at 

For assistance with any VAVS, VA&R issues, please contact me

Bob Manzo- Detachment Chairman

VEE First Responder Homelessness Brochure

Ending Veterans Homelessness - How You Can Help



Detachment of Maryland, 3115 Orchard Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21234