Detachment of Maryland


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"Sons Empowering Our Future Leaders"




Maryland Legion Family with 2017-2018 National Commander Danny Smith at MSP Polar Bear Plunge January 26, 2018.


Maryland Legion Family with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh July 22, 2017.


2017-2018 Commander Dave Hullihen with the Past Detachment Commanders at the Detachment Commander's Reception July 16, 2017.


2017-2018 Detachment Commander Dave Hullihen being sworn in by Past Department Commander Bill Proctor at the 44th Annual Detachment of Maryland Convention June 25, 2017.


2016-2017 Commander Ray Edwards, Jr. receiving his "Past Commanders" jacket from the Past Detachment Commanders at the 44th Annual Detachment of Maryland Convention June 25, 2017.


Past Detachment of Maryland Commanders welcome 2016-2017 Commander Ray Edwards, Jr. into the "Past Commanders' Club" at Detachment Convention June 25, 2017.


Van purchased by the Detachment of Maryland for 2016-2017 Commander Ray Edwards, Jr.'s Project, Heroes Haven.


Leading Candidate for National Commander of the Sons of The American Legion, Danny Smith from Nebraska, addresses the 44th Annual Detachment of Maryland Convention June 25, 2017.


National Vice Commander East Joe Korba from New Jersey addresses the 44th Annual Detachment of Maryland Convention June 25, 2017.


Leading Candidate for National Vice Commander East Ken Warner from Pennsylvania addresses the 44th Annual Detachment of Maryland Convention June 25, 2017.


2016-2017 Maryland Legion Family Leaders - [L to R] ALA Dept. President Paulette Caron, AL Dept. Commander Patricia McCoy and SAL Detachment Commander Raymond Edwards, Jr. at Winter DEC Meeting in Ocean City January 29, 2017.


Past National Commanders Chuck Gannon and Bill Sparwasser conducting "Knowledge is Power" Training Class at Winter DEC Meeting January 28, 2017.


Maryland Legion Family Leaders with SAL National Commander Jeff Frain during a casual moment at Winter DEC Weekend January 28, 2017.


2016-2017 National Commander Jeff Frain and SAL Detachment Commander Ray Edwards at Fort McHenry January 27, 2017 . The Detachment raised a flag over the Fort in honor of Commander Frain's Mom who passed away recently.


Past National Commander Joe Gladden, National Commander Jeff Frain, National Commander's Aide Chuck Treat and Past Detachment Commander J.R. Hall in the water at Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge January 27, 2017.


Detachment of Maryland Leaders 2016-2017. (L to R) 2nd Vice Commander Jim Alexander, Commander Raymond Edwards, Jr., 1st Vice Commander Dave Hullihen and 3rd Vice Commander Robert Manzo  July 30, 2016.


2016-2017 Detachment of Maryland Commander Raymond Edwards, Jr. receiving oath of office from Ralph Courdry June 26, 2016.


Past Detachment of Maryland Commanders welcome 2015-2016 Commander Jeff Seiler into the "Past Commanders' Club" at Detachment Convention June 26, 2016.


2015-2016 Commander Jeffrey Seiler and Commander's Project Chairman Michael Obremski presenting two vans purchased by the Detachment for MCVET (Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training) to MCVET Board of Directors President Sandi Dutton and MCVET Executive Director Jeffrey Kendrick June 25, 2016.


Team Maryland SAL along with 2015-2016 National Commander Kevin Collier placing a wreath at the Pentagon Memorial during Washington Conference February 21, 2016. [L to R] Detachment Commander Jeffrey Seiler, Past Detachment Commander Thomas Deal, National Commander Collier, Detachment 2nd Vice Commander Dave Hullihen and Detachment 3rd Vice Commander Jim Alexander.


Maryland Sons in New York at Testimonial Dinner for National Vice Commander Greg "Doc" Gibbs April 8, 2015. [L to R] PNVC Bill Hill, PNC Joe Gladden, Nat'l VC Greg "Doc" Gibbs, Past National Chaplain Larry Ford, Detachment Commander JR Hall and PDC Tom Deal.


Detachment of Md. Commander JR Hall presenting American Legion National Commander Mike Helm with 2 checks for Legion programs. March 7, 2015.


Detachment of Md. Commander J.R. Hall presenting SAL National Commander Mike Moss with a flag flown over Ft McHenry in his honor. January 25, 2015


ALA Dept. President Joyce Brown, SAL Detachment Commander J.R. Hall, AL Dept. Commander Carolynn Baker and SAL National Commander Mike Moss at the Polar Bear Plunge. The American Legion Family Team raised over $14,000 for Md. Special Olympics. January 23, 2015.


Members of the Detachment of Maryland scrubbing down the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. September 6, 2014



Detachment of Maryland Delegation at 2014 National Convention in Charlotte, NC.



Maryland's  Legion Family Leaders at 2014 National Convention in Charlotte, NC. [L to R] Department Commander Carolyn Baker, Detachment Commander J.R. Hall and Department President Joyce Brown.



Past Detachment Commanders with 2014-2015 Commander J.R. Hall at Commander Hall's Reception, July 2014. [Pictured L to R: Buddy Mastin, Joe Gladden, Brett Beall, Bear Weinzirl, J.R. Hall, Tom Deal, Bill Hill and Bill Matoska]



Twenty Past Detachment of Maryland Commanders on stage together at 40th Annual Convention in Hunt Valley, June 23, 2013.


Detachment of Maryland, 3115 Orchard Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21234